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The Twisty-opener is a particularly hand-friendly opener with strong leverage. With this you can now open surprisingly easy (screw) lids and caps of large and small pots, drinking cups, dairy packs, tubes etc. with diameters from 8.5 cm to approximately 1.5 cm.

Perfect for anyone who does not have strong hands. Recommended by occupational therapists

The lid opener in use, with and without Twisty Holder.

Need a helping hand when opening lids and caps, due to weak or painful hands? The Twisty holder functions as a steady extra hand. Fix it on or under a shelf at a convenient height, e.g. in a cupboard. Slide the opener into the holder, put the lid or top into the loop, hold the jar or bottle with both hands and twist open. You hold the pot with both hands, so your hands turn in the same direction together, not in opposite directions. What a difference! This way you can open every jar and bottle, big or small, vacuum of not. The Twisty-opener can be stored (backwards) in the holder.

The Twisty-opener can be conveniently stored backwards in the Twisty holder.

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In our webshop the Twisty-Opener costs € 29.95, Twisty Holder € 9.95, and the combination of opener and holder € 36.95, including shipping costs within the Benelux, Germany and France. You will receive the Twisty-Opener in your letterbox.

Displeased? Money Back

Note: If you have additional insurance, you may be reimbursed for the purchase of this medical aid. Usually you need a referral from the occupational therapist and an invoice from one of our points of sale with AGB code, see “shops”.

We have a complete demonstration set for practices of hand and occupational therapists. For information you can email us.



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