"Wow, that is easy!" Rahima

“There is a problem and you have the solution” Wouter (NOVU)

"What a beautiful product you have designed and it has been beautifully executed!" Angeliek

"We used it to open the thermostatic valves". Alide

“It has become beautiful too. You have to take it to the Dutch Design Week! ” Els

“Looks nice: just like a hare”. Mirte

“It's so beautiful, we'll hang it in the kitchen” Buyer on Muscle Diseases Day.

“Now I can open and close my drinking cup myself at school”. Girl on the Muscle Diseases Day.

"Auch nützlich zum Einmachen, wenn Sie die Gläser fest schließen müssen". Annemie

"Is it a fly swatter?" Resie

"How nice, it looks like a butterfly"

“I received the opener today. How beautiful it is ”. Marga

“Hi Minke, I am very happy with it. I can now be much more independent again. Sometimes I don't have enough strength to hold the handle, then it turns away, so maybe an ergonomic or more robust handle will be possible someday? ” Brigitte Response, September 20: now there is the Twistyholder: it really always works, even with weak hands, even with large pots with vacuum.

"Mom, where's Grandma's invention?" Kasper

"I buy it for my mother, she suffers from arthrosis"

"Is that a whip?"

“What a beautiful thing. With what I have now I damage the lids ”

"This is perfect for people who preserve a lot"

"We've been in a crack at guessing what kind of thing it was"

“Perfect thing. Now my wife no longer has to call me if she has to open something ”

"Only for the largest lids I sometimes still need one thing to break the vacuum, the other lids always go well". Response, September 20: now there is the Twisty holder: it really always works, even with weak hands, even with large pots with vacuum vacuum.

“Handy. I used it to loosen a nut for which I didn't have a good size wrench”. Robbie

“I give it to my clients who have difficulty opening lids”. Annemiek, district nurse

"Hasn't such a thing been around for a long time?"

“I know such a thing, made of metal with a chain. You can tailor it. We always use them in the workshop ”. Jo

“I know those things. We used to use them in the mine too.” Mr. Zeestraten.

“I am very happy with it. Can now be much more independent again. Only holding the pot with the left hand is sometimes still a problem” Response, September 20: now there is the Twistyholder: it really always works, even with weak hands, even with large pots with vacuum.

“I just want to say that I really love your invention. What a beautiful thing. And it works!". Frans

“I'm delighted with it”

After the introduction of the Twistyholder:

“The holder is essential for one-handed use, it has to be fixed to something if you want to use it. NB. I had first given it to a colleague [manual therapist] and asked what is this? and what should you do with it? and to be honest it is an intelligence test for colleagues then. Incidentally, we also had a lot of fun with it while testing all options / possibilities. A 1-handed friend thought it was very good [with shelf holder of course] and is going to order 1 [he already had an operation on his "good" wrist last year, so I applaud this practice in order not to overload it again). I myself am not possessed with a great spatial and technical insight, unfortunately, so for me it is always very difficult which way to turn, when something is upside down, etc. So for types like me a more extensive manual is better. Handy by the way that the lid [usually] gets stuck in it ”. Nanny, hand / physiotherapist.

“Thank you very much for the new attachment at the Twisty. We have indeed mounted the piece under a shelf and after opening different types of jars, I can only agree that it works very well.” Anneke

“It's fantastic with that holder”. Toos

“I think the twisty is a very nice tool! The idea of the holder (for one-handed use) is a great addition! The loop could be stiffer for some pots. The design is very tasteful and beautiful, finally not something made of plastic! I haven't tried it with a client yet, only with friends and acquaintances and they really liked it! Demonstrating the beautiful shelf holder is of course difficult if you do not have a fixed location. That remains to be seen. All in all, I think it's great ”. Elke, hand / occupational therapist.

Reactie: If you practice with the correct turning movement, the loops will prov to be rough enough. This was the experience of all customers after they had received that advice. Minke.