Occupational Therapy

We have demonstration sets available for hand and occupational therapists that the therapist can use to get started right away in the practice. The Twisty-opener is already a huge improvement for most clients, but for people with very limited hand function or with only one usable hand, the combination with the Twistyholder is the ideal solution. The holder acts as a sturdy "extra hand". Because there is too much force on the holder during use to hold it by hand, it must be firmly fixed. That is why we deliver the holder bolted to a plank for the practice situation. At home, the client can attach the holder in a convenient place underneath or on a shelf.

In practice, if the Twisty holder can be mounted under or on a shelf or table, this is of course more realistic, but less flexible. For example for people in a wheelchair, a different height is desired than for other clients.

We only supply our demonstration set to practices of hand and occupational therapists, rehabilitation centers and training courses for hand and occupational therapists. It consists of:

  • a Twisty-opener
  • a small shelf (approx. 10x30cm) with a Twisty holder screwed to it
  • a jar with screw lid
  • a stack of flyers / manuals

The price of the demonstration set is € 36.95 including VAT, excluding shipping costs. You cannot order via the webshop, but by sending an email to: twistyopener@gmail.com

Note: If you are prescribing the Twisty opener to a client with a additional insurance then it can be reimbursed, depending on the conditions. Then one must buy this tool from a company with an AGB code. On our "shops" page, these points of sale are marked with an asterisk *.

Some remarks from occupational therapists who are already using the demonstration set:

“I think the twisty is a very nice tool! The idea of the holder (for one-handed use) is a great addition! Elke, hand / occupational therapist

“A 1-handed friend thought it was very good [with shelf holder of course] and is going to order 1” Nanny, ergonomist, hand therapist, foot trainer.

The demonstration set in use.