Product information

Twisty-opener and Twistyholder

The Twisty-opener is a light, easy to use and hand-friendly version of the strapwrench. Because of their effective leverage, metal strapwrenches have long been in use in industry and in garages, e.g. for loosening and tightening oil filters.

Text on the handle: A text of your choice can be applied to the wood with laser burning. Nice as a promotional gift or as a souvenir for an anniversary, farewell and the like! To discuss the possibilities, please contact us via our email address

Models: The Twisty-opener is suitable for almost all common lids and caps. For exceptionally large sizes of lids (for example of large pickle jars) an XL version can be ordered by email.

Materials: European steamed beech wood, finished with linseed oil. Top quality European saddle leather, vegetable tanned. Steel screws protected against rust.

The wood and leather are renewable natural materials with a very long lifespan. The loops can be replaced. The production and waste phases are ecologically sound.

Production: Most of the production takes place in sheltered workshops.

Dimensions Twisty-opener Outside dimensions handle: 40 x 18 x 170 mm. Total length (including the loops): approx. 270 mm.

Weight: approx. 100 grams.

Model protected. Gedeponeerd bij het Europees Bureau voor Intellectueel Eigendom onder nummer 006405221-0001.

Twistyholder: self-reliance for everyone

The Twistyholder The Twistyholder is a small beechwood block with which the Twisty opener can be fixed during use. When the Twisty opener is slid into the Twistyholder you can use extra force when opening, because both hands twist in the same direction . Moreover, with this combination you can open open tubes, jars and bottles even with just one hand. Mounted under a shelf in a cupboard, the block hardly takes up any space. You can store the Twisty opener (back to front) in it, which saves space in drawers, etc. Comes with 4 screws.

The Twistyholder, for extra strength when opening bottles and jars, etc. Also handy for storing the Twisty-opener.

Material: European steamed beech wood, finished with linseed oil.

Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 25 mm

Weight: approx. 32 gram