The incredibly handy aid for opening jars, milk cartons and tubes


  1. Nina

    A very beautifully finished product. Fits comfortably in the hand and works perfectly.

  2. Hanne

    Earlier I took the water pump pliers out of the toolbox to open a bottle that is difficult to open. That is no longer necessary. The Twisty opener is really an excellent product that is indispensable in the kitchen.

  3. Frans Buchrnhornen

    We are very happy with the Twisty opener. We can now open absolutely everything. Always nice when we can use it.
    Altijd fijn als we hem kunnen gebruiken.

  4. Toos Kessels

    Toos, 3/01/2021

    What a relief! Without depending on someone else, I can now open jars and bottles myself...
    Een echte aanrader voor mensen die ouder worden en de spierkracht in handen afneemt.

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