FAQs / Questions and answers

Deksels en doppen gaan voortaan altijd open.

What if I bought / received a Twisty opener and it doesn't meet my expectations?

We want everyone who buys or receives a Twisty-opener as a gift to really enjoy it. In the unlikely event that you do not like the Twisty opener, please call (06-50937618) or email (twistyopener@gmail.com). We always find a solution.

How do you learn to use a Twisty-opener?

First practice: Put the large loop around your wrist with the eye up or away from you and turn the lever in such a way that with the Twisty-opener you pinch your wrist a little (and then more and more). That's how you do that with lids and / or caps. The correct movement can be seen in the video on the "Instructions for use" page.

What's the best way to hold the Twisty-opener?

That is different for everyone: with your left or your right hand, overhand or not. Once you get the hang of the rotation, it depends on your hands how to use the lever the easiest way to apply force, and how best to hold the jar, tube or bottle. You may have to hold the jar with your strongest hand and the Twisty-opener with the other. Is holding the jar or bottle painful or too difficult for your hand when opening? Then the combination of Twisty-opener and Twistyholder is the perfect solution. When the opener is pushed into the holder you can use both hands to open the jar, and that works even with weak hands. The combination Twisty-opener / Twisty holder is also the solution for people with only one usable hand.

Will I damage lids or caps by using the Twisty opener?

No, the pressure from the loop is spread over almost the entire rim, so lids and caps remain reusable.

What if I can't unscrew a bottle cap?

Some plastic bottles have a protruding edge on the bottle under the cap. If you put the loop of the Twisty-opener around it, you are not turning the cap, but the bottle. And then that opening will never work. If you put the loop a little higher, so only around the cap, you can open the cap effortlessly.

What sizes of lids and caps is the Twisty-opener suitable for?

The small loop: Large and small screw caps for bottles, flasks, dairy and fruit juice cartons, small thermos, medicine jars, tubes, jerry cans, water bags. Furthermore, the smallest lids, small taps, nuts, etc.

The big loop: The usual screw lids, so with a diameter of approx. 6 cm (pesto, capers) to 8.5 cm (syrup, large jam jars), taps, including for radiators, (vacuum-sucked) caps of large thermos, large screw caps of jerry cans, etc.

Can you also close caps and lids with a Twisty opener?

Yes, by using the Twisty-opener with the eye down, you can tighten lids and caps, but also, for example, taps and nuts (as a "Twisty-shutter").

Doesn't it take up a lot of space, such an opener?

The Twisty-opener replaces several other openers, which you no longer need. And if you keep your Twisty-opener in the Twisty holder, you get even more space in your drawer. But you may find it too beautiful to store and prefer to hang it in plain sight. The loops are strong enough for that.

Can the Twisty opener be used by children?

Yes, once a child understands the rotating movement, the Twisty-opener can also open caps and lids. (Children often understand the movement very quickly).

Can you open safety caps with the Twisty-opener?

No, because the pressure is spread over the entire rim of the cap or lid when turning, safety caps cannot be opened with a Twisty opener.